Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee: December 2016

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pain Killers, Black, Brown, White America and Illegal Drug Activities

So when will criminal laws on the Federal and State level reflect that Pain Killers prescribed by the nations well fed doctorare now enemy number one in that other war, The War On Drugs?

Or are we to accept the proposition that the war on drugs as all proscriptions and social controls are nothing more than thinly veiled gambits to destabilize Black and Brown America particularly Black and Brown Men because what we see with pain killers medication is it is illegal activity indulged primarily by suburban White America and rural White America.. We don't see monologues in the various political chambers across the land, demanding the sort of Draconian Punishment illegal drug activities practiced by Black and Brown America experiences.  What we do see is the sophistry bias of law, order and justice and it's logic is stacked when the violator is the suburban neighbor or the hunting rifle toting, dysfunctioning family, religious opportunist NASCAR rural America.

By William

William Thorpe is confined at ROSP Administration-Segregation since opening in 1998 and has been in AdSeg. since 1996.