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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Cover-Up And Corruption By Prison Guards & Nursing staff Asserted by Julian Mitchell

Vapac received this letter via our email Submission by Mr. Julian Mitchell who is imprisoned at Red Onion State Prison at this time.

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l've been housed in long-term segregation for the last two years. The Administration is doing this as a way to prevent me from timely filing a Civil Lawsuit against them for "The Use Of Excessive Force", because This has happened on camera more than once, which clearly established a consistent pattern of Abuse. On 6/6/2015 I was approached and propositioned at Wallens Ridge State Prison by a VADOC employee who told me to assault my cellmate, because he had filed a complaint on another VADOC employee who planted a Razor in my cellmates property and wrote a False Weapons charge on him.  An investigation and help from the outside resulted in that officer getting exposed and the charge was dismissed.

I was offered an opportunity to be Transferred to a lower level facility to assault my cellmate, when I refused the staff told me they'd have me assaulted by another prisoner and put the Canine on me.
They drugged me and had another prisoner start a fight with me; the guy threw a punch, and I defended myself, there were no weapons involved but the staff still shot me with several IMPACT ROUNDS throughout the short duration of this simple fistfight, and once we were on the floor and 15 ft. apart no longer scuffling, the K-9 officer entered the pod, looked up to the Gun tower and asked which one, the Gunman screamed and pointed at me, then the K-9 officer literally picked up his VADOC assigned Canine by the collar and forced it to engage and attack me, latching onto my Neck, Shoulders, Back and Face tearing through my Lips. They then took me to medical but denied me proper medical treatment and a tetanus shot. I was threatened and taken to segregation for about 45 days, then released me back to the general population. I went through the proper exhaustion of all administrative remedies made available to me by submitting an informal complaint and grievances stating that: VADOC employee did, in fact, Use Unprovoked, Unrestricted, Unnecessary Use of Excessive Force by forcing his VADOC assigned canine to engage and attack me while I was on the floor bellie down with my arms outstretched in full cooperation and compliance which the Pod camera footage clearly confirms, I requested that the camera footage be Preserved for Further Preponderance of the Evidence in Court to establish proof of excessive force claim. I went on to file a civil lawsuit and to prevent that from happening the staff plotted once again to stop this from getting out. I don't take any medicine nor was I at that time, they needed me to take something and open the doors so they can drug me and assault me so, They called me to the dentist who deliberately drilled into my teeth hitting nerves for second time, they prescribed antibiotics and Tylenol which was what I was supposed to have been given; however, I was drugged with illegal psychotropic mind, thought, and mood altering medications that have never been prescribed to me, so unbeknownst to me I had consumed these drugs without my prior knowledge and/or consent and as result I had adverse affects and was fainting and throwing up blood, I attempted to get medical treatment which they refused although several people and our families contacted the Warden and Other Wallens Ridge State Prison Staff and told them I needed to be seen; The Warden came to the pod and had the Sgt. Cochran call medical the same nurse that drugged me S. R. Owens said I'm a waste of time she's not gonna do nothing for me they are short staff and she ain't got time to deal with me, and stop having people calling up there.

At 3:00 pill pass came and Nurse Stacy Owens came to pass out medication, afterwards she'd called me out and told me to leave whatever paperwork I had in my hands upstairs because share didn't want to see it, I told her it was the list of medicine that I'm allergic to, she said: I don't give a damn, I'm not doing nothing for you, you are wasting my time I told you we're short staff and you kept having people calling up here, you're not dead yet cause you can walk, if you can walk you can walk faster, you got 10 seconds to get downstairs and across this pod or I'm leaving. I made it to the office as fast as I could. Nurse Stacy Owens immediately stated: I ain't give you the wrong medicine, I'm not wearing that and I'm not doing nothing for you.
JLM: I had to have taken the wrong medicine, I've been throwing up blood and had blood in my stool, plus I've fainted 3 times already!
I don't care you're not dead yet you're breathing and you can walk; That's it! Officer.Adkins, He can return to his cell, there's nothing I can do for him, he's wasting my time.
Then she stormed out of the office and out the pod headed toward the Warden several other staff members.
As I got up to leave ofc. Adkins put out his arm and told me to wait and sit back down until she's all the way out of the building. I did so. Once she had left the pod I headed up the staircase to cell #643 in bldg. B- pod 6.where I was being housed. Midway up the staircase, other prisoners asked what were they going to do for me; and I told them she said I'm not dead yet cause I'm breathing and I can walk so she's not wasting her time doing nothing for me.
Many prisoners were outraged and concerned, shouting simultaneously where is the paperwork? and, Did you show her the papers of medicine that you can't take?
JLM: I got the paperwork right here. I tried to show her but she refused to look at them she said I ain't give you the wrong medicine, I'm not wearing that! Then she said I'm not yet cause I'm still breathing I'm wasting her time she ain't gonna do nothing for me and told the C-O she's done put me back in my cell and she stormed out of the office and out the pod. I'm gonna put this in the lawsuit too.
Ofc.T.Adkins: What's that in your hands?
JLM: The list of my medication allergies.
T.Adkins: Bring the paperwork down here to the table.
JLM: You can check it out or give it to them to keep I got plenty copies.

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T.Adkins: I don't need to see them. Get down here until they decide what we wanna do to you.
JLM: Look, She's already gone, so if you don't want the papers and she's not gonna do nothing for me then let me go back in my cell because there's no reason for me to be out here.
T.Adkins: No! You're not going to your cell, You gone do what I say, when I say it! Didn't I tell you, I'm the boss, you gon do what I say do?
(At this time Another prisoner named Mr. Winston walked up on that statement being made by Ofc.T.Adkins, Winston being aware of T.Adkins having harassed and threatened me using those same words just 2 weeks prior in an attempt to provoke me, reminded me not to let the guy get under my skin.)
Winston: Be cool, Bro you know what they tryna do, don't let them trick you up.
JLM:I'm aware! Dude ain't try a let me go back in my cell.
JLM:I'm ready to go back in the cell, you not trying to let that happen so, You need to put the cuffs on me; I'm putting my hands behind my back, cuff me up and take me to the (segregation) hole.
T.Adkins: I'm not putting no cuffs on you or taking you to the hole, something else is gonna happen! Didn't I tell you at the table that you got one more time to pissed me off? We gone get you under the stairs.
As he said this he was already double locking his handcuffs like brass knuckles.
He created a Zone of Danger at this point, and I reacted out of fear of being hurt and experiencing serious bodily injury or death, and I throw a punch before he could hit me with the double-locked handcuffs. We started throwing blows, and another C-O named Thomas came running up screaming we're gonna kill your ass nigger, get his ass under the stairs, he met me with a can of mace and threw  up his offensive guard, so I had to fight him too, I was now fighting both of these officers at the same time;The Lt. came in and told me to get on the floor, I did and they cuffed and shackled me, then maced me again as more came to join in screaming get that nigger under the stairs; they finally got me under the staircase and at least 7 officers started kicking and punching while I was on the floor in full restraints, then as they all screamed stop resisting the K-9 Officer T.Spears forced his new VADOC assigned Canine Anon to engage and attack me on my left leg while they stabbed me with a knife; they took me out the pod and assaulted me again in the saliport/hallway in front of LT.Cochran who did nothing to avert the attack besides saying hey guys wait until we get him to room 2 in medical then you can fuck him up; they took me outside and choked me in front of the Warden who also did nothing to avert the attack besides saying get him to medical first; Lt.King (who I'd filed a Prea complaint on) was outside at the A-bldg. fence and said I'm sending somebody to deal with your ass I told you I'd get your ass one day! ;They took me to medical and Sgt.Crabtree came in and him and multiple officers assaulted me in the medical doorway he kicked my left leg over and over and broke it they also broke my ankle; they got me into exam room #2 in medical and kicked and punched me even attempted to gouge out my left eye; Nurse R.Davis (who was named in previous lawsuit) was there and said I hate this fucking guy he refused treatment (which I didn't) everybody heard it right, Yes they all said in unison,good get this nigger out of my face strap him down; they strapped me down after denying me medical treatment until Sgt.Dickensen came to Wallens Ridge State Prison to transfer me to Red Onion State Prison.
Once Sgt.Dickens changed me out into transportation gear and full restraints, he and other staff roughed me up before they got me in the car and told him, he hasn't cried out once, he won't break, the guy is a fucking rock! Sgt.Dickensen said: Don't worry we're gonna break his ass at Red Onion!

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While transporting me to Red Onion State Prison, Sgt.Dickensen told me: You know we're going to fuck you up right?
JLM: How long is this ride gonna be?
Dickensen: You heard what I said? You understand we're going to kick your ass again as soon as we get to Red Onion, you know that right?
JLM: Are they as racist at Red Onion as they are at Wallens Ridge, can I get visits from people of another race or is it pretty much the same everywhere in these mountains, just wanna make sure before I have my biracial family try to come all the way to Virginia to visit me and get shut down and turned around again.
Dickensen: You think I'm kidding about us kicking your ass when we get to Red Onion, you're worried about the wrong things, you should be terrified about the shit we're about to do to you, you'd be begging right now if you only knew!
JLM:You've already made it clear that you guys are gonna round your gang up and jump me upon arrival, I'll have to endure it when that time comes, I can accept that there's no way to stop what's inevitable, I will not beg nor cry, your gonna do what you're doing regardless, it is what it is and what will be, will be!
Sgt.Dickenkensen told his partner to call Red Onion and he began to slap the dashboard and window yelling out stop kicking, this guy's being a real asshole we're gonna need a lot of backup!
When we arrived at Red Onion Sgt.B.Berg (who was the investigator at Wallens Ridge and was also named in the previous lawsuit) was there at Red Onion waiting on me with several other staff members; they took me to intake and filmed me change out in full compliance noting my leg was severely injured and refused to get a wheelchair instead they forced me to walk in full restraints knowing I wouldn't physically be able to walk fast; they pushed me and told me to walk faster then out of somewhere insidiously sadistic without warning they Picked me up and slammed me on my face bruising my face busting my lips giving me a concussion and fractured my shoulders while they pulled on the cuffs to yet cause me as much pain as possible while screaming "stop resisting, stop resisting" although the camera footage clearly shows that I was never resisting nor became combatant; They took me to the medical intake door but didn't take me in to get treatment; they got a wheelchair instead and took me to the B-bldg. 3-4-5 side and put me on my knees to face a wall in full restraints still with my hands behind my back; and in another attempt to make me cry and beg they grabbed my hands and broke several of my fingers on camera, when I didn't cry out beg or shed even a solitary tear; Sgt.Berg said: He can't break, we gotta strap him down; they put me in a filthy cell with fecal matter smeared all over and strapped me to the bed so tight that it cut off my blood circulation and (which caused permanent nerve damage) denied me proper medical treatment and left me there to bleed out for over sixteen hours;the next day I was taken to medical but even with multiple 3 inch deep stab wounds I wasn't taken to the hospital, given stitches properly treated at Red Onion.
Once they did pill call a few times I noticed I was feeling a very strange agitation and paranoia I demanded to know what I was taking, that's how I found out that I was still getting medication that I wasn't supposed to take and that it was psychotropic medication never legally ordered by the Mental Health Doctor, Dr. Everett McDuffie, which clearly shows that the medical staff were using prisoner's medical insurance to purchase medications and medical supplies that we know nothing about nor need in order to receive kickbacks.

The staff stacked charges and threw away my personal property to put me in a position where they could cover up what I already started to expose about the VADOC creating false institutional, personal and legal profiles and identities on prisoners, and also take all my money (which I never received) from Wallens Ridge and to block my phone privileges so I couldn't call anyone and expose what happened to me, they tampered with and outright threw away my incoming and outgoing personal and professional/Legal mail (and have still been doing so).

They gave me Counselor Kegley as a staff advisor for these institutional charges who was also on the longterm segregation board, even though I stated I'd been drugged and denied medical treatment and the camera footage clearly shows that I'm not at fault. I was given a guilty verdict at the hearing.
I completed the sentence imposed, but since I wrote up the incident and tried to file a lawsuit for "Use of Excessive Force" the Administration decided they weren't going to let me out of segregation nor let my legal mail and lawsuit out of this prison and they've done everything they can to prevent that even sending me all the way to Sussex 1 State Prison all the way in Waverly, VA without any of my personal property and/or legal paperwork each time for months at a time. When I made it here in 2016, Another prisoner Mr.J.Salisbury and I were both starved at Red Onion and had Racist Officers spit chewing tobacco in our food or put sleeping meds in our food and juice and refused to let us go to recreation or shower, I couldn't for a full month.

I believe proof exists the Administration of the VADOC even in Richmond and the local courts are trying to do more than stop these lawsuits, they know there's enough evidence to Establish grounds to bring forth Federal charges under THE FEDERAL RICO ACT if a proper investigation is conducted.
What these Racist people are being allowed to do and get away with is morally wrong and unacceptable! We as a people have moral responsibility to "STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, AND EXPOSE " what the sadistic and insidious Virginia Department of Corruption and its employees are doing!

By Julian Mitchell

Monday, September 10, 2018

A Story Of Professional Irresponsibility and Ethical Indifference By A Virginia Sussex l State Prison [SXISP] Mental Health Official By William Thorpe

On 8/30/18; a prisoner soon to be released was removed from Sussex l State Prison [SXISP] General Population [GP] and placed in Solitary Confinement Unit because he was allegedly cursing and acting out because SXISP guards wouldn't allow him use of a phone to set up an alternate home release plan because his mother was refusing to let him live with her once he was released.

On 8/31/18; a SXISP Mental Health official came to the prisoner's cell door, identified herself and said she was here to talk to him because he'd got locked up last night. To which the prisoner responded, and I paraphrase, he goes home in a week and his release plan fell through because his mom wouldn't let him live with her, so he had to use the phone to figure out alternatives and the officers wouldn't allow him its use. The prisoner was cogent and clear in expressing what his issue was. To which the Mental Health official responded and I am paraphrasing, the counselor for the Solitary Confinement unit didn't show up for work and Monday is Labor Day so she'd email the counselor about his situation after the Labor Day holiday.

Professional Duty and Ethical Responsibility 

Virginia Law provides a generalized requirement for a Mental Health official's contact with a prisoner initially placed in Solitary Confinement and Virginia Department of Corrections Operating Procedure [VADOCOP] 730.4, 730.5, 841.1 861.3 all specifically detail and define a VADOC Mental Health Officials Responsibility. This "Story" about a SXISP Mental Health officials contact with a prisoner initially placed in the prisons Solitary Confinement unit reveals, the legal obligations, professional duty and ethical responsibilities of a Virginia prison Mental Health official. But what it also seriously exposes is official misconduct and the culture of professional irresponsibility and ethical indifference that grows unchecked when prison officials accountability to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which particularly includes its prisoners are allowed to be demagogued away by political reaction.

This Story: A Second Aspect  

The prisoner then told the SXISP Mental Health official that he had spent the entire night in the cell without a blanket and sheets and he was cold to which the Mental Health official responded: and this is a direct quote, you look pretty warm to me, your face is red", then she turned around and left the prisoners door. The Mental Health official never bothered to look through the glass window to verify the prisoner's claim of being without a blanket and sheets. Which the U.S. Supreme Court has long since settled the question: that prison officials have the legal obligation to provide prisoners with adequate clothing and not to do so violates the U.S. Constitution 8th Amendment dicta against the cruel and unusual punishment of prisoner. Also the Virginia Constitution and formulations of Virginia Statutorial Law also prohibits cruel and unusual punishment of prisoner.

Prisoner Official Accountability: It's Lack

For the reader and the Virginia public, I ask:
  • Is the behavior of the SXISP Mental Health official reflective of the professional duty and ethical responsibilities anticipated by the Virginia taxpayer?
  • The Virginia Department of Corrections is a sprawling $1.5 billion a year behemoth of taxpayer money and if it's function is so integral to Virginia society, are the watchdogs: Governmental and non-governmental up to it?                                                                                                                                                    
The callousness displayed cavalierly by the SXISP Mental Health official on 8/31/18; besides those specific violations of VADOC OP's i.e not even a pro forma inquiry into the state of the prisoner's mind, or a follow up on the inadequacy of the prisoners clothing. Instructs of and illustrates what endemic, systemic indifference looks like. We are constantly lectured by Senior Virginia Governmental officials and VADOC executives that Virginia penology is on the just side of history because for one, "low" recidivism says so [this work isn't dealing with recidivist claims by Virginia's Government] yet the actual behavior of Virginia prison officials in its prisons are anything but. From acts, which if were committed by a regular taxpaying citizen would be seen as felonies and prosecuted as such. To administrative malfeasance of the like existing at the U.S. Department for Veterans Affairs of which the Virginia mainstream media presumes its disclosures satisfies and completes its duty to educate the taxpaying citizen, while serious acts of governmental misconduct and unaccountability play out as nauseam behind the concertina wire and storm fences of its prisons, without a squeak from its mastheads.

Re-Entry Into Society

The release of a prisoner back into society is serious business and those responsible for its process should see it as such. When a prisoner within days of release informs the only prison official with administrative authority, he had contact with, within hours of his placement in Solitary Confinement, due to an issue with his home release plan because it has fallen through and he virtually has nowhere to go upon release and that prison official only sees the issue as an emailing one, for another prison official, a counselor who wouldn't be back to work till after the holidays, then the question has to be asked to what extent is this SXISP Mental Health official cognizant of her professional duty and ethical responsibilities and what exactly are the taxpayers of Virginia paying for?

Furthermore what has become of Brian Moran's Virginia Secretary for Public Safety and Homeland Security much vaunted "Re-Entry Program" and the assertion, no prisoner is released from Virginia prisons without Re-Entry Programming? Because had this prisoner been in the SXISP "Re-Entry Program" this wouldn't have been an issue necessitating critique.

By William Thorpe who is in Solitary Confinement currently at Sussex l State Prison

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Virginia's Sussex l State Prison and The Serial Violator Prison Guard N.Iwuamadi By William Thorpe

The Virginia Department of Corrections [VADOC] at its Sussex l State Prison [SXISP] is employing Nigerians who are crooked, corrupt and who blatantly violate U.S. and Virginia law and VADOC Operating Procedure.

On 8/19/18; SXISP guard N. Iwuamadi denied me and 2 other prisoners on long-term solitary confinement the mandatory outside exercise. Claiming the building Sergeant Dunleavy had told him to do so. On 8/20/18; Sgt. Dunleavy told me and the other 2 prisoners, he never told the Nigerian N. Iwuamadi to deny us anything.

This prison guard N.Iwumadi is a serial violator of U. S. Virginia law and VADOC Operating Procedures:
  • From, capriciously denying prisoners in Solitary Confinement outside exercise.
  • Serving meals ice cold in violation of Virginia Department of Health Regulations and Law, VADOC Food Service Manual Directive, SXISP-3D Post Orders.
  • Tampering with prisoners outgoing mail
  • Arbitrarily cutting off water to all 44 cells in 3D because of actions of 1or 2 prisoners., 
  • Denying prisoners showers
  • Threatening & attempting to assault prisoners. Recently, around 8/10/18; the prison guard N Iwuamadi tried to break a prisoners arm in the tray box by repeatedly closing the tray box on the prisoner.
  • He refuses to provide complaint forms and emergency and regular grievance forms when prisoners ask for them.
  • He denies prisoner access to PREA calls to report sexual harassment and misconduct
  • He is reluctant and unwilling to notify his superiors when prisoners are in need of emergency medical care.
  • He talks to prisoners abusively and belligerently in violation of VADOC professional conduct code.   
The above bullet-pointed examples are some of the prison guard N Iwuamadi's offensive behavior and moral turpitude and VADOC must be held to account for the presence of a prison guard in an environment that is naturally challenged with complying with its own procedures, policies and practices.

William Thorpe in Long-Term Solitary Confinement at Red Onion State Prison but is currently temporarily held in Long-Term Solitary Confinement at Sussex l State Prison'

By William Thorpe

Monday, August 20, 2018

Prisoner Seeking Attorney & legal Assistance Due To Transport Driver Negligence Colliding With Van

Prisoner Lester Hayes claims while being transported due to driver’s negligence an accident occurred causing injury. Mr. Lester is pursuing an injury claim. He has a right to file a claim against that negligent driver. Mr. Lester states On 4/17/17 transportation collided with a van while speeding back from Virginia's Bland County Correctional while prisoner was using the urinal causing injury to head, right shoulder, lower back, and left knee, he was then denied medical attention when requested. He was then instructed to see institutional Doctor upon arrival at Wallens Ridge State Prison where he was again denied. Mr. Hayes states that Bland County State trooper did an accident report 4/18/17 at around 3:30 p.m. he never came on the bus to see who was injured. He is requesting an attorney to assist him in seeking compensation for pain and suffering.

Email: vapac
or Contact
Shaheed Omar

Lester Hayes
Shaheed Omar

Monday, August 6, 2018


This disclaimer prevents any law enforcement agency, corrections authorities, prosecutor, from holding any specific person accountable for punishment and/or retribution for the contents of the posts which are submitted here on this site.
These posts are written by actual prisoners who have been convicted of breaking State & Federal Laws.
Some of the post submissions on this site may be overstated and thus inadmissible to establish the validity of any matter herein professed in all court or correctional facility administrative proceedings.
It is your responsibility to safeguard your security and privacy when communicating with prisoners that are listed on this site. We strongly recommend that you take appropriate safeguards when corresponding with prisoners. You are using this site information provided at your own risk.
We at hold no responsibility for the validity or accuracy of any statement made by prisoners or commenters on this site.
However, we go the extra mile to research fact from fiction.
By vapac 

Monday, July 30, 2018

Life-threatening Diseases & Conditions If Left Untreated Virginia Prisoners Will Become Sicker or Die

We at vapac have received many alarming letters concerning health.  Life-threatening diseases and conditions if left untreated will cause these prisoners to become sicker and in some instances can be fatal. A Prisoner imprisoned at Sussex 1 State Prison J. Davis (1097342) Suffers from the "silent killer" that has a known treatment and even a cure. In at least nine states, prisoners have filed lawsuits arguing that withholding drugs constitutes deliberate indifference to their dire needs, violating a constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Delaying treatment and curing can have deadly consequences for Mr. Davis who shared with Mr. Shaheed Omar longtime prisoner advocate and collaborator with vapac that he is a great husband, father, son and is a man of faith and is in need of treatment the same treatment Mr. Omar was fortunate enough to get and was cured. We must ask how will Mr. Davis even be considered for a chance to become healthy again if the Sussex 1 State Prison Staff ignore his informal complaints and allow grievances to go unnoticed? Other prisoners who have medical issues whom have provided adequate documentation 

  1.  Lester Hayes 1465707 he was in a bus accident on 4-18-17 and has not been Adequately medically treated. He also has issued of a different nature that is not being addressed today. 
  2.  Yusuf Hakim Ali 1092185 Stomach and Colon Problems and is suffering very badly and can't get the help that he needs. 
  3. Tarik Hudgins 1069060 Just received a letter from him which I have enclosed just one page of it about his feet. 
  4.  Michael Kelly 1190718 has Disease called Graves Disease. He is currently at Sussex 1 but a prisoner of Red Onion. The only reason at Sussex is to get treatment for his medical condition but cannot get out of Solitary Confinement etc.
  5. Anthony Kirby 1314706 on 6-6-18 fell the on the floor the in the kitchen while no signs of wet floor were present. He is injured and needs help.
  6. Jeffrey Whitebey 1118137 Sussex 1 needs surgery on heart but is not getting help 
  7. Marvin Rash 1428427 Sussex I Gastroenteritis problem with stomach and not able to get help.
  8. Robert Yeary 1035754 having problems with medical treatment for his dentures. Commissary does not sale denture adhesive chemical, therefore he cannot use his denture so he cannot eat properly.
Steve Herrick Director; Office of Health Services Virginia Department of Corrections your job description requires you to supervise all clinical department heads and the local health authorities at the facilities. Your overall responsibility is to assure efficient and quality care is provided to these incarcerated offenders. [prisoners]

It is obvious (in the accompanying documents we received complaints and grievances but for reason of lack of space we can not print all letters, however, copies can be obtained in writing) that these men are not being professionally addressed and need proper attention from every level of the Virginia Department of Corrections. Beginning with the officers who are supposed to provide counsel and words of instruction to inmates who have legitimate questions and requests, but are indifferent, then there are the prison registered nurses and prison doctors who are supposed to provide health care and related services, including advocacy, health education, preventive care, research, and clinical care to prisoners, however, they are also on many occasions indifferent. The requirement is for prison staff, officers, doctors, and nurses to adhere to prison regulations, agency rules and last but not least the law. Director Steve Herrick & Director Harold Clark, we ask you to look into the matter of these life-threatening Diseases and conditions if left untreated, these Virginia prisoners will become sick or/and die.

By vapac
In Collaboration with Shaheed Omar and prisoners listed in this article.


The ACLU of Virginia Prisoner Rights to adequate medical care
State Prisons Fail to Offer Cure to 144,000 Inmates With Deadly Hepatitis C
Three N.C. Prisoners Sue the State for Hepatitis C Treatment
The Massachusetts Department of Correction has reached a settlement with prisoners' rights Groups over its medical treatment of prison inmates with hepatitis C.
A peoples’ victory: Court rules to give Mumia Abu-Jamal hep C cure – Workers World

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Prisoner & Ex-Prisoner RESOURCES

Here is a list for Prisoner and Ex-Prisoner Friendly Resources. Please email us at if you would like to add to this list or message us on facebook @vapac. When making contact please provide a description and updated link

Call 211~Nationally& Parts Of Canada  2-1-1 ( Free and confidential service that helps people find local services in need. Available for free to anyone: Ex-prisoners families, friends, and others

Virginia 2-1-1~( Call 211, visit site and chat or email ..Free and confidential service that helps people find local services in need. Available for free to anyone: Ex-prisoners families, friends, and others focused in Virginia

Zoukis Prisoner Resources~( An unbiased, non-partisan prison consulting group offering resources for those going to prison or getting out of prison.

List Of Felon Friendly Companies~( List of Companies that hire ex-prisoners

Virginia Prison Justice Network~( for everyone who advocates for prisoners and seeks solutions to the judicial racism that plagues our criminal justice system.

Find Your Legislator~There is a wealth of information about the General Assembly members and sessions

JailHouse Lawyers Handbook~( Great handbook that is a resource for prisoners who wish to file a federal lawsuit addressing poor conditions in prison or abuse by prison staff. This handbook is available for free to anyone: prisoners. families, friends, activists, lawyers, and others Download.

Reentry Newspaper~( Needed resource for ex-offenders seeking employment after their release. Reentry resource for jobs, job fairs, federal bond program, and expungements, for private citizens and Veterans alike. 
 (great site with special emphasis on prisoners who are veterans) 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Virginia's Justice System and Freedom Of The Press

Our Prisons are filled to over capacity with accounts of significant and crucial stories that must be told. We bespeak of the refusal of journalists and media access to level 3 and higher levels in Virginia's correctional institutions.

Prisons more often than not hide on the back roads of our communities in rural America as a means for economic development, thus they normally lay outside the visible spectrum and are repressed by the vigilant eye of the press...We at vapac want to join those behind prison walls who may have been wrongly convicted by our criminal justice system which have been highlighted by the Innocence Project inadequate defense, eyewitness misidentification, incentive informants, government misconduct, false confessions or admissions. We join them and investigative journalists who seek truth with the ethical responsibility in highlighting this issue as with the recent effort: to record (audio, video) prisoners "fails" in Virginia. Yet all too often state, local government and prison officials seek out favorable media to disseminate their propaganda. While denying objective media of the inclusive means of audio and video that will permit a though recording of the account.

We at vapac do not profess to know of an individuals innocence or guilt, however, there are currently 2,252 exonerations with more than 19,790 years lost reported by the National Registry Of Exonerations. We think many of those are compromised by the unavailability of recording (audio, video)...which could play a significant role allowing full compass of investigative reporting by allowing unbiased journalists the ability to uncover the truth when there may be a miscarriage of justice.

We note here that the Virginia Department of Corrections [VADOC] doesn't unequivocally deny media access however they still sanction  ..Virginia's Justice system needs to end the block on the full range of media access and allow the Freedom Of The Press access Virginia prisoners to share their story.

By vapac


Innocence Project

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Brian Moran and The Indefensible Red Onion State Prison By William Thorpe

Okay. So the Virginia prison system has a low recidivist rate. But what does that have to do with the lawlessness of it's Red OnionState Prison officials who assault batter prisoners, deny showers, outside exercise, meals and falsely accuse prisoners in solitary Confinement-with contrived charges. Detain prisoners in solitary confinement arbitrarily and in violation of Virginia law OP 861.3 that requires a 90-day maximum, yet prisoners are held in solitary multiple decades. Then in violation of Virginia law, OP 866.1 impede the prisoner's ability to file complaints and grievances on the violations.

These accounts are comprehensively documented in the may 10, 2018 ACLU of Virginia's report: Silent Injustice: Solitary Confinement in Virginia which exposes the Virginia Department of Corrections behavior at Red Onion State Prison.

Instead of responding to, even denying the accounts in the ACLU'S report, the Virginia Department of Corrections through Brian J. Moran, Secretary of the public safety and Homeland Security in his Washington Post, June 15,2018; "Virginia Corrections System Is A Model For Other States" Op-Ed, chose to deflect and distort which typically is the classic recourse posture to the indefensible

Messers. Brian Moran and Co. lecture us that "correctional systems are often targets of criticism and skepticism"....."as if the numerous lawsuits filed by Red Onion State Prisoners seeking redress of violations of the U.S. Constitution and Virginia law by prison officials are mere exercises of "criticism and skepticism". Or the voluminous letters, petitions to Virginia politicians concerning prison official malfeasance including the ACLU's work are hallucinations to be dismissed and ignored and instead we should commend prison officials for selectively performing what the taxpayers of Virginia, the U.S. Constitution, and Virginia Law require they professionally do.

Contrary to Brian Moran's assertion: Red Onion State Prison was not built to specifically and exclusively be a "lockdown prison".  When it opened in 1998 as a maximum security prison it had approximate general population of 688 prisoners and solitary confinement or "lockdown" population of 352. Programs were also available to the prisoner population and the "fear" that Brian Moran speaks of..." "that increased movement and access to programs would jeopardize safety" could not have existed in its then operational model because a relative 2/3ds of the prison's population had more movement than what is allowed general population in 2018. Also, Virginia's General Assembly had in the middle 1980's instructed the Virginia Department of Corrections to never again detain all of the states so-called "worst of the worst" prisoners at one prison as a result of lessons learned from it's Mecklenburg Correctional Center experience circa 1984. (note page 169) However, the Virginia Department of Corrections logic which are for purposes of this work speculatively irrelevant, in 1998 did just the opposite with its opening of Red Onion State Prison.

The Red Onion State Prison solitary confinement question is specifically about prison officials intractable inability to comply with the same law that even permits them to work as prison officials.

We are told by Brian Moran, that since under the leadership of Virginia's Department of Corrections Director Harold W. Clarke, there has been a culture change that has resulted in statistical decrease of prisoners detained at Red Onion State Prison solitary confinement, underscoring a program, Step Down. Yet the findings of the ACLU's report exposing Red Onion State Prisons officials behavior for the specific 2011 to 2018 period details reprehensible malfeasance that are diametrically at odds with Brian Morans laudatory conclusions.

This is what Brian Moran should have responded to because this historical narrative of prison officials conflating their malfeasance and extra-judicial behavior with speculations of the prison condition has to change if equal justice before the law isn't mere opportunity conditioned by whatever idealistic narrative spouted by a status quo. If the context, as Brian Moran writes that "offenders housed at Red Onion have murdered, raped and attacked others including inmates," is supposed to mitigate, excuse even absolve the lawlessness of Red Onion State Prison. Then within Virginia society writ large are murderers, rapists, and all sorts of violators because each legal jurisdiction within the Commonwealth has its significant statistics of unsolved murders, rapes, attacks and other violations. Is the Commonwealth of Virginia via its Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security instructing us that murder, rapes, attacks within the Commonwealth justify violating the Virginia Constitution and laws by its elected officials and legal offices? Because that is the argument made by Brian Moran in his deflective defense of the lawlessness of prison officials.

In summation, Brian Moran and Red Onion State Prison officials are not even conveying to the Virginia public a true correct account of the number of prisoners detained under solitary confinement conditions and managed according to Virginia Department of Corrections solitary confinement operating procedures. What we are instead expected to accept is, renaming a thing fundamentally changes it? So solitary confinement is in the media now called restrictive housing and not it's historical, Administration Segregation and prisoners detained in other units i.e. D-building apart from C-building for years on end are not counted as solitary confinement prisoners.

This exercise in renaming exposes the reality which is messers. Brian Moran and Co. recognize that the odorous nature of those conditions which in the aggregate characterize solitary confinement are indefensible.

Willliam Thorpe is detained in solitary confinement at Virginia's Red Onion State Prison

Monday, July 16, 2018

Virginia's Red Onion State Prisoner Jason Jordan Files A Grievance and Lawsuit Then Report of Abuse and Assault Ensues

The complaint method of the Virginia Department of Corrections [VADOC] is the process in which prisoners are able to air their complaints about prison guard abuse, violations, and lawlessness. The primary recurring theme prisoners report at Virginia's Red Onion State Prison [ROSP] are threats of retaliation or in the case of ROSP prisoner Jason Jordan's report, full-blown assault. Magaret Breslau prison activist and force behind Virginia Coalition for Justice  Virginia Prisons Justice Network  [VPJN] among other platforms cited in a recent correspondence with VADOC whom asserted all claims of abuse are taken seriously and properly investigated. However, prisoner Jason Jordan reveals his attempt to file a criminal complaint were denied him by ROSP investigator denoting the rule of thumb "wall of silence" to protect their own. We must interject "how can prisons police/investigate themselves. His claims for filing a grievance and lawsuit when he was met with physically aggressive behavior taken to a spot off camera and kicked in his testicles (drawing blood) by guards as to "teach him a lesson" Mr. Jordan went through the various steps to file a charge, "what prisoners go through when they follow their First Amendment Rights to redress a grievance"  wherein Civil Court he won a "Summary Judgement" and is waiting to go to trial. Mr. Jordan also asserts he is a "mental health" prisoner and is being denied mental health treatment. We must state here, Retaliation is illegal, guards have abused their power when they violate the 1st Amendment Rights of prisoners, in this case, the right to petition government officials for a redress of grievances.

By Prisoner Jason Jordan held at Red Onion State Prison
In collaboration with Virginia Prisons Justice Network  [VPJN]

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Red Onion State Prisoner in Solitary Confinement Accuses Guards Denying Of Meals, Threats of Sexual and Physical Assault

Virginia Red Onion State Prisoner [ROSP] Donnell Barnes soon to be released from prison accuses Guards of continued mistreatment as stated in his first letter published June 1, 2018. He states to vapac ROSP guards are starving him in retaliation for filing complaints on their misconduct ranging from withholding food to the point of starvation, to sexual and physical assault.  These ongoing violations of threats and provocation by ROSP guards must be investigated. Prisoner Barnes has said to be a transgender and is in fear of reprisal which means being humiliated for being the person they are. This degrading treatment of prisoners is dehumanizing but then add to the torturous treatment of this prisoner being locked in solitary confinement. Red Onion  State Prison needs to be independently investigated

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Segregation Reduction Step-Down Program

Segregation Reduction Step-Down Program 830.A (supersedes 2/18/13) Click Here
  • This local Local operating procedure provides institution-specific information concerning staff and offender responsibilities pertaining to segregation (Solitary Confinement, Ad-Seg, SHU) reduction and reentry preparation for general population as well as society

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Outside Exercise Is Denied Customarily By Red Onion State Prison Guards, Sexual Harassment Sometimes Involved By D. Barnes

Per DOP 861.3 reads as follows: Exercise~a. Special housing offenders should be allowed a minimum of two hours of out of cell exercise five separate days per week in a supervised area, unless security or safety considerations dictate otherwise. b. During periods of total facility lockdown, out of cell exercise may also be suspended for special housing offenders. c. A record will be made any time exercise is given or refused. Unfortunately, outside exercise is customarily denied those in Solitary Confinement (aka special housing units) Staff shortages are endemic as excuse, other times it is Guards unwillingness to do their job thwarting Prisoners rights to outside excise by humiliation. The following letter was submitted by Prisoner D. Barnes. Imprisoned at Red Onion State Prison.

By D. Barnes
Collaboration Shaheed Omar

Friday, June 15, 2018

Virginia Department of Corrections Responds to Recent FOIA Request By Virginia Prison Accountability Committee Members Concerning The Use Of Body Scanning Technology On All Prisoner Visitors

Vapac recently submitted an FOIA to the Virginia Department of Corrections [VADOC] requesting some answers to questions concerning the use of Body Scanning Technology on families, friends, including Children and Pregnant Women. We are sharing their response with our Committee members and followers, family friends of prisoners and the public as this should be of grave concern for many reasons that which was included in a previous post by Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee... Click link to read in its entirety [vapac], "Are Prisons Putting Prisoners Loved Ones, Children, Mothers In Potential Health Risk  `a la Tuskegee Experiment, Even Experts Won't Agree".

The questions we posed were as follows and the VADOC's INCLUDED RESPONSE:
  • What are the side effects of the body scanners on the health of adults and privacy of images?
    • See attached
  • What are the side effects of the body scanners on the health of children and the privacy of images?
    • See attached
  • What are the controls to protect and safeguard a visitors privacy?
    • See attached
  • All reports and studies VADOC has done on the use of full intrusive body scans of visitors?
    • VADOC has no records responsive to your request because the records do not exist.
The VADOC States: Although this department is not required to create new records for the sake of responding to an FOIA request, and although FOIA does not compel the production of records in response to informational inquiries, as a courtesy please see above and attached for all responses and responsive records. Thank you for contacting the Virginia Department of Corrections.

We thank the VADOC for their response to "vapac". It shares with us "some" answers however it still leaves us with much concern *NOTE* the highlighted query and response.
  • All reports and studies VADOC has done on the use of full intrusive body scans of visitors?
    • VADOC has no records responsive to your request because the records do not exist.
It still leaves folks asking: Are Prisons Putting Prisoners Loved Ones, Children, Mothers In Potential Health Risk  `a la Tuskegee Experiment, Even Experts Won't Agree.

We would lov to have some feedback from those who read this so we can further inquire about this issue with those who can address it. Leave your comments and we will be posting all of them. For or against this policy.

For further accessibility and to read in its entirety click on the popout link ↓↓↓↓↓
By vapac


Are Prisons Putting Prisoners Loved Ones, Children, Mothers In Potential Health Risk  `a la Tuskegee Experiment, Even Experts Won't Agree".

An Insider’s Look at How the Virginia DOC Handles Contraband - Correctional News

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Virginia's Denis Rivera Prisoner At Red Onion State Prison Expresses Fear Professing Threats From Officers

One of the biggest threats at some Virginia Prisons especially ROSP prisoners convey is the antagonistic threat of "I'll set you up" from guards.  Prisoner Denis Rivera confined in Virginia's Red Onion State Prison [ROSP] speaks of lawlessness by prison guards, Threats and Abuse seem to be the common thread in their midst. Mr. Rivera states threats of retaliation for complaints. One must realize here that if the job duties were being performed there would be few complaints from prisoners.
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By Denis Rivera
Collaboration Shaheed Omar

Friday, June 8, 2018

Prisoner Israel Copper VA's Red Onion State Prison Previous Victim of Assaults Settled Out Of Court But Still Remains At Same Facility To Continue to Be Victimized & Retaliated Against

When someone’s behavior is not compliant with the law, or they are acting in a way that threatens safe and secure incarceration or is contradictory to decency, honesty and so on, disciplining is necessary for everyone’s safety and well-being to quote Peter Garrett who has written articles for  Around Corrections, the Official Newsletter of the Virginia Department of Corrections. Note We are NOT talking about Prisoners here but prison officials and guards. The following letter from Prisoner Israel Cooper shared by Mr. Shaheed Omar exposes Virginia's highly dysfunctional Correctional system where the Virginia Department of Corrections claim disciplining is relatively rarely needed in the Department. Could it be they allow said prison guards to unlawfully mistreat prisoners?

By Israel Cooper
Collaboration Omar Shaheed

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Invisible To Society by TyJaune Jerrell Pridgen Imprisoned at Virginia's Wallens Ridge State Prison

TyJuane Pridgen is imprisoned in Virginia's prison system, serving his sentence at this time in Wallens Ridge State Prison, He is a gifted writer what shares with us his love for creative writing. He says this gives him an opportunity to express his thoughts and imagination. 

By TyJuane Jerrell Pridgen

To contact Mr. Pridgen write to:
TyJuane Pridgen #1019760
Wallens Ridge State Prison
P.O. Box 759
Big Stone Gap Virginia 24219

Saturday, June 2, 2018


It would have been refreshing had the 5/16/18 FREE-LANCE STAR Fredricksburg Virginia editorial on VA. MAKING STRIDES ON SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, made the effort to do what editorials and opinions are intended and that makes us think and attain a deeper understanding of an issue. But true to contemporary form the editorial instead plyed the idealistic and easy way out lemming-dive by parroting a narrative that has nothing to do with the nature of the issue. Instead, the editorial behaved as any run of the mill diversionary campaign leaflet pronouncing absurdities.

The question isn't; "really what is a prison to do" as fifth columnesque asked by the Free-Lance Star Editorial. Because the answer to what is a prison to do is simple: Follow the law, comply with the rule of law and obey policies and procedures. But we have to assume that if this answer, is such a conundrum and paradox for the Free Lance-Star editorial to access we have to then presume that the editorial accepts the mythology, prison officials are beyond reproach and above the law.

The prison officials are beyond reproach and above the law narrative, quite frankly is tired, worn and stale and has wreaked more havoc on society than the cumulative and aggregate acts of the prisoners whom prison officials have the professional privilege and responsibility of imprisoning.

Virginia spends relatively $1.5 Billion on its prisons and if taxpayers who are saddled with poor schools, a health care system that's a travesty and the injustice of an anachronistic political-economy are satisfied with their money funding an opaque prison system that is supported by default tough on crime platitude excusing the unaccountability of its prison officials who behave with lawless impunity, then the tensions and antagonisms of such a social contract will only grow. But if questions are asked and accountability demanded     Then the citizenry of Virginia will have the benefit of "equal justice for all".

The 5/16/18; Free Lance-Star editorial on Solitary Confinement in Virginia was it's irked response to the 5/10/18; ACLU of Virginia Titled, Silent Injustice: Solitary Confinement In Virginia.  By which the ACLU called upon Governor Ralph Northam to ban its use in Virginia.

For whatever reason, this call by the ACLU irritated and irked the Free Lance-Star hence the editorial and that tired, worn and stale reactionary narrative with antebellumnesque retorts like"

  • "Those who are in solitary had to earn their way there. It is incarceration of last resort". Or [Those] who chooses to do bad things or make bad decisions simply because they are inherently bad people" or "The ACLU is free to make its case.......despite the publics lack of sympathy for how those they see as the worst of the worst inmates are treated".
Are intended to be well-reasoned points, a contribution to the question of solitary confinement, which in 1890 the U.S. Supreme Court in the case In Re: Medley 134 U.S. 160 declared "an infamous punishment" and in 2018 Porter v. Clarke et al 1:2014cv1588 [Virginia case] ruled that solitary confinement violated the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.

Had the Free Lance-Star been intellectually honest and not indulged in colloquial distortions, it would have quickly realized that the ACLU's report spoke of and detailed criminality by prison officials.

Prisoners are not sentenced to prison to be assaulted and battered, their testicles crushed by prison guards or denied outside exercise, showers, and meals or framed with contrived and fabricated offenses and lied on to extend the imprisonment by prison officials or entombed in solitary confinement or restrictive or administrative segregation or whatever euphemism used by prison officials in effort to conceal the true nature of the detention which in turn exposes the fact that prison officials are well aware that something is inherently unjustifiable and abjectedly beyond the pale with the detention and the "incarceration of the last resort" apologetic dismissal of it by the Free Lance-Star editorial is all the more insidious.

What the FreeLance-Starr editorial doesn't tell us is prison officials are not a law unto theirself, despite the fact certain Virginia politicians have attained speculative power by enabling that myth. But Virginia prison officials [as all other prison officials across the nation] are firstly subject and subordinate to the U.S. Constitution then as it relates to Virginia, The Virginia Constitution and Virginia Law-code 53.1 and lastly Virginia Department of Corrections [VADOC] Standards, Procedures, policies and Practice Nothing in the U.S. Constitution, Virginia Constitution, Virginia Code 53.1, VADOC Standards, Procedures, Policies, and Practices permits prison officials to operate and behave in a manner the ACLU Silent Injustice Report describes prison officials at Red Onion State Prison [ROSP] has.

When the Free Lance-Star editorial speaks of [prisoners] earning "their way" into solitary confinement or "because they are inherently bad people". It is a divisionary red herring intended to distract from the fact the ACLU's report detailed ROSP officials criminality and instead reframe the issue as the ACLU wants to coddle prisoners whom society has no and shouldn't have no sympathy for. It also reveals the extent and level to which that reframing narrative is divorced from the fact, prison is a legal construct and regardless of the fact prison officials behave hypocritically and lawlessly underpins prison and imprisonment.

First of all, no one is in prison because they are "inherently bad". People are imprisoned because of a violation of a criminal code, then the subsequent conviction under law and imposition of sentence. There are all sorts of "inherently bad" people in Virginia society and some very well could be on the Free Lance-Star editorial staff. So framing the issue as a simple bad and good contrast is insidiously naive and biased towards a specific and particular worldview that has nothing to do with the questions raised by the ACLU's report.

Prison Reform has never been about society's lack of sympathy for prisoners. Prison reforms instead, is about the work to hold prison officials accountable for their lawless behavior and the ACLU's report made that sternly clear with a damning indictment against ROSP and VADOC officials. But instead of the Free Lance-Star pointing this out, it chose to pull out all the stops in defense of prison officials ignoring the likely probability that statistics generated by VADOC and ROSP, used by the editorial were plausibly spurious.

ROSP which is signaled out by the ACLU report because it is Virginia's primary prison for solitary confinement is subject to and subordinate to the legal authorities listed earlier, U.S. Constitution and more immediately VADOC Operational Procedures.

The Practice of indefinite solitary confinement of prisoners by ROSP officials is subject to a couple of U.S. Const. Amendments, specifically, the 8th Amendment, Prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, due process under the law and equal protection provisions. It is also subject to Article 1 Section 9 prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment and Article 1 Section 11 Due process under the law and equal protection provisions of the Virginia Constitution, also protections against ex-post facto punishment. Also VADOC Operating Procedures [OP] 861.1    Offender discipline or punitive segregation or solitary confinement Local OP 830 A-Step Down Program or Administrative Segregation or Solitary Confinement and OP 830.1, OP 830.2     Facility classification management and security level classification   both deal with mechanisms for due process under the law.  

What all of this, the above show is there are specific procedures or legalities governing the practice of Solitary Confinement which ROSP systemically violates. The consequences of the violations are what the Free Lance-Star and its partisan brethren have typically dismissively characterized as "harshness" of prison that is to be expected and there is no public sympathy for its amelioration. While opportunistically ignoring that they are endorsing lawlessness while claiming to be against it. at the most pivotal intersectionality of all the contradictions of the social contract laid bare     Prison. Which is another revelation that the historical antagonism of those who want to under cover of law behave extra judicially while exploiting that same law to subjugate others is the quintessential issue.

If the Free Lance-Star's editorial staff are interested in the practice of Solitary Confinement, the due diligence responsibility is to maximize a qualitative understanding of it and to also recognize that VADOC and its ROSP officials have a vested interest in its either pro or con  narrative that is diametrically at odds and not apparent in its pronouncements of reform.  Yes, there has been a decrease in the number of prisoners held at ROSP C/Building which is the primary Solitary Confinement Unit. But there are a number of reasons for that, which one obviously being it isn't serving the current 1998 ROSP narrative. Since its opening in 1998 ROSP has lurched and morphed a new reason for its existence every 5-7 years. But that is not the point, the issue is the systemic violations ongoing at ROSP Solitary Confinement. which the ACLU-VA exposed in its report and the Fredricksburg Virginia Free Lance-Star saw fit to ridicule. 

By William Thorpe is confined in Solitary Confinement at Red Onion State Prison.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Virginia's John Donahue Prisoner at Red Onion State Prison Asserts, Held in Solitary Confinement After Charges Unfounded

Policy and Procedure is essential to the day to day operations of prisons, failure to follow policy and procedure escalates to the next level of appeal, so why doesn't Virginia's prison systems particularly in this case Virginia's Red Onion State Prison [ROSP] comply with their own DOP'S & IOP's? It is historically a known fact that ROSP does not follow VADOC established rules and protocols, the internal staffing at ROSP must be held accountable. ROSP prisoner John Donahue has shared his experience with Mr, Shaheed Omar and VAPAC of failure to follow policy and procedures asserting over 17 months in Solitary Confinement after charges were unfounded and he STILL REMAINS in Solitary Confinement. Prisons exist BECAUSE  of law, ROSP guards and officials are NOT above the law
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By John Donahue
Collaborating Mr. Shaheed Omar & vapac

Monday, May 28, 2018

Here Is The Letter to Professor Heather Ann Thompson

Professor Heather Thompson claims no one ever reached out to her from Virginia's Red Onion State Prison. This 7/16/17 letter says otherwise. [see attachment].

Minds and hearts as Heather Thompson shouldn't wilt from critique and mischaracterize it as hostility.

We are only realized with critique.

In Strength,  5/9/18
William Thorpe
Even The Sun Had to Justify Its Existence 
Before The Court of Dialectics....1789   1799

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By William Thorpe
I Am Held In Solitary Confinement At Virginia's Red Onion State Prison