Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee: SUBMISSIONS


Individually we can only do so much in standing up and speaking out against violations occurring to our imprisoned loved ones, family, and friends. Our voice and concerns only go as far as who will help us or what lawyer we can afford to fight Battles we know must be fought against violations by prison officials.
But ORGANIZED our concerns carry collective weight and that is the purpose and focus for and of vapac.
To accomplish our work we also need our imprisoned loved ones, PROVIDING US with the necessary information needed to stand up and speak out against violations and mistreatment by prison officials.
We are reminding vapac members to tell their imprisoned loved ones that they should provide vapac with any and all experiences and information that will allow us to stand up and speak out against what is wrong with Virginia Prisons with the collective weight of our organized voice
vapac members should submit materials from loved ones at submissions (here)
Imprisoned loved ones can mail material to Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee P.O. Box 213, Clintwood, Virginia, 24228.

Organized we will hold Prison officials accountable and our collective weight will demand transparency.

Prisoners & Former Prisoners are encouraged to share their experiences in collaboration with family and friends whom can transcribe then submit here in our drop box.  Here Prisoners are given a voice.  Stand with us help make Virginia Prisons transparent and accountable.

  • With your imprisoned Loved Ones own writing, you can Scan the document, Create a PDF FILE, then download and transfer to submissions page.
  • When possible, Please include verifiable information that can be fact checked.
  • Typos will be corrected
  • Families of Prisoners are also invited to write/share their own stories as well, type in the submissions section your experiences then submit. Add any comments
  • We do not accept fiction or "Links" just URL address. We will consider Poetry and artwork as it applies to the submissions.
  • Please make handwriting legible, avoid small handwriting.
  • One can include a very short bio and a picture with prisoners personal experiences, letters, essays anything that illustrates the broader topic we speak on,
  • We will review first before sharing submissions.
  • We appreciate your submissions.
    In Strength

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