Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee: THE PRISON CONDITION, ANAL CAVITY SEARCHES and TERRORISM

Sunday, November 27, 2016


The following is an interesting statement, written by a Prisoner.  It deals with the Prison Condition.  It deals with the cavalier nature Prison officials approach the antagonistic intrusion of Anal Cavity Searches and it shows conflicting presumptions when contrasted with security concerns of the general public and Terrorism.
"Lieutenant T. I spoke to you about the Prison's Anal Cavity Search Policy and you stated certain things as facts.  You described a scenario where a Prisoner being escorted to the showers quickly pulls a regular sized lotion bottle filled with feces out of their rectum and douses the escort guards with feces and that is the primary reason for the Anal Cavity Search Policy.  The reality is Prison officials have long since explained away the antagonistic intrusion of a Prisoner's body as it concerns Anal Cavity Searches, that Prisoners as a group place objects inside their rectums.  I wonder how much of this is excessive supposition.  I find it more plausible for a guard to blame his or hers inattentiveness during a search on a Prisoner sticking something in their rectum after something happens.  Because this begs this question are Prisoners anatomy any different than any other Human?  Does the mere fact of a conviction and subsequent imprisonment instantly transform a Prisoners anatomy to the point that a prisoners body now begins to defy all natural laws?  This is a valid point.  I wonder who and how many Prison officials have inserted bottles and objects inside their rectums and anal cavities to then become authorities, speaking with certainty on the ease and opportunity of objects going in and out the rectums.  Because anything less than empirical knowledge of this, particularly, when the question is dealing with the antagonistic intrusion of a prisoners body is assumption.  And assumptions alone are not enough to base such violations so casually.
I raise another point.  I understand governments interest in maintaining a safe and secure Prison environment, just as government has an interest in maintaining a safe and secure society.  Since the terrorist acts of 9/11.  The Federal Govt. has enacted a number of laws, policies and practices to dissuade Mass Destructive acts. One of the primary targets has been Airports.  Policies and practices that mandate and warrant airline passengers to remove shoes, submit to a hand frisk, pat down, walk through metal detectors, hand held wands have been enacted.  But and I find this peculiar, no security personnel or legislator is proposing and advocating the practice of Anal Cavity Searches of all Airline passengers.  The U.S. Govt. has all the reasons to pursue all security measures that will ensure the safety of the Homeland, yet Anal Cavity Searches isn't one.  The mass general public and people out there in society have an infinite array of objects that can be concealed in their anal cavities and rectums which can be relative Weapons of Mass Destruction.  If it is to be accepted that Prisoners so casually secrete bottles in their anal cavities."
 The above was written by a Prisoner who has asked vapac to secure his identity.

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