Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee: Virginia Department of Corrections In Its Operation Unlawful Treatment of Reentry Prisoners At Virginia's Greensville Correctional Center

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Virginia Department of Corrections In Its Operation Unlawful Treatment of Reentry Prisoners At Virginia's Greensville Correctional Center

We at "Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee" have received the following alarming letter from concerned families of prisoners  At Greensville Correctional Center. We have been alerted officials there are not doing their jobs and denying guys their earned good time, overriding their security levels thus keeping them incarcerated longer than they should be. VADOC headquarters in Richmond (atmore) is also not listening to the families when they call the court legal services unit and the correspondence department is not responding to inmate requests, assistance etc. my husband should’ve been home last month and they’re denying him his review and all the things aforementioned. 
We are asking our followers and members to share this post as a step in the process by exposing VADOC violations at Virginia's Greensville Correctional Center. 

Thank you
Submitted Anonymously protecting their identity by a member and follower of Virgina Prisons Accountability Committee.


Anonymous said...

Greenville and the doc do what they want. I call the doc in Richmond and get a different story each time. And when I give them the name if the last person I spoke with they say no one by that name works here. They do not give credits on evals for lots of things they are suppose. And to take longer to get to you inmate for a visit than the visit alone is ridiculous.

shaheed omar said...

please provide me with inmates name and number who says he should have already been released and I will assist him in dealing the specific department that regulates that issue. Court and legal. when dealing with the Department you must be very specific. They dont respond to generalities.You must have dates or make up a date, a name, who, what , when , how, why. I have had some years experience in dealing with these people and when I write they respond even if they dont let me know it. The inmate will hear about my correspondence. Telephone calls are cool but writing works better because you can not deny whats on paper. You can deny what you said but not if its on paper. A letter will get there in one or two days. Shaheed Omar 540 510 5761

vapac said...

*UPDATE* The family member who submitted this letter has since received word that their loved one is coming home soon however this problem still consists at Greeneville Correctional Center. We will continue to seek accountability on this matter.

Unknown said...

Hey my name is Sandra Reynolds I have been trying to get in touch to see why my boyfriend hasn't got a update sheet net he has been in prison for 2yr and is supposed to be released in October and they have December the 14th and now there's nothing in the computer they will not respond to his request for an update sheet is it anyway you could help me please it would be much appreciated I have been calling for over two weeks, now and no one knows are he Counseler are unit manager doesn't return my calls when I leave messages I have called Richmond and I don't know anything else to do if ID#1190244 housing 7 bed 225 please help me if you can
my phone#434-429-1392 Mrs Reynolds