Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee: Hostages, Captives and the Contradiction of the Prisoner Dialectic

Friday, January 6, 2017

Hostages, Captives and the Contradiction of the Prisoner Dialectic

This fails me. There is the ubiquitous parade of Psychologist and so-called experts each dispensing "expert" advice on the Psychological trials and adjustment deficit for released former hostages and captives. Statistics are hurled about showing the Socio-Dysfunctional rates of former hostages and captives, be it Divorce, Suicides or physical trauma and the qualifier is the statistics represent persons detained as hostages, held captive for ransom for the various reasons. Consequently private and public resources are expended in efforts of support for and rehabilitation of the former hostages and captives.

On the average Tens of Thousands of Prisoners held in American Jails and Prisons under relatively similar conditions as hostages and captives are released yearly without an assessment of their experience within the linguistic and critical framework of released hostages and captives. This begs this question is inhumane, and barbaric treatment of a detained human being in all it's sensory deprivation and physical mistreatment dependent only on the clinical and academic distinction of legal and illegal?

Is the existential reality of the detained subjects experience of injustice, inhumanness,, and barbarity a contradiction mitigated or aggravated by the mere means of it's procedural application?

By William

William Thorpe is confined in Solitary Confinement At Red Onion State Prison Since 1998

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