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Friday, January 6, 2017


We are "The Wretched of the Earth",
the suffers of injustice,
the bearers of the yoke of oppression.

We are the down-trodden,
the exploited,
the repressed and we can always rest assured to be manipulated and compromised.

We are The People,
The Populations, The Masses. We build civilizations, we construct edifices and structures attesting to the creativity, ingenuity, and expression of humanity.

We are the basis and foundation that prosperity, wealth, and stability are built on. We surmount the insurmountable. We labor as "Beast of Burden" and the rule is we do all this in the pursuit of anothers interest. We always place anothers welfare above ours. We compromise our lives and settle for wretched existence in consequences of our pursuits of alien ideas.

We are Human Beings. Yet we settle for Civil Rights instead of Human Rights. Some of us claim ignorance as a justifiable reason for subjugated, subservient existence we call our Human Condition.

Those of us who exist in societies that the rule is an exchange of labor for Capital, meaning the dictated means of acquiring and attaining the necessities of life: water, food, shelter, and clothing, experience it's consequences as an inequity of their material realization, an inability to attain that maximal realization of their Human potential.

Those of us who exist in societies that the rule is allegiance to the state, garners you the basics in life experience the injustices and inability of the state to contend and deal with the frailties, whims and caprices of it's human elements, those petty tyrants who at every inch of the way exhibit that rat like frenzy of rats abandoning a sinking ship, grasping and grabbing what their placement within the state machine allows as the wretched masses once again look on
stupefied--- our blood was shed for this?

Those of us who exist in societies that the rule is fiat of theocracy, experience the hypocrisy of human sensuality and sentience totally at odds with the sapient potential of human realization. We persistently encounter that infantile inability of the theological basis to come to terms with the profane cause-effect of the material basis defining and determining that exponential parameter of our lives and condition, which as a result repress and alienates us the masses from our humanness---which in effect produces that one dimensional Human Being we all know so well.

We, "The Wretched of the Earth" have the obligation of understanding that all these factors and conditions that bring us so much despair, grief and anger have no other solution than ourselves. We hold in our hands the turn of our destiny and the relative means to direct our lives upon that path of maximal realization of which the legacy of humanness is our inheritance. The progression of humanness lies with us because we are humanity.

We are the People,
The Populations, The Masses. The frustrations we revel in permitting our articulation of that defeatist slogan "that's the system and that's the way it is", illustrates our continued submission to an existence that takes everything out of us and puts nothing back. It drains us of our humanness and replaces it with the illogical and a humanistic urge of oblivion under the guise of redemption.

By Willam Thorpe

William Thorpe is confined in Solitary Confinement at Red Onion State Prison
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