Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee: Free Speech, Dan Cathy of Chic-fil-a..And God Said Or The Bible Says and History Will Erect Tombstones

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Free Speech, Dan Cathy of Chic-fil-a..And God Said Or The Bible Says and History Will Erect Tombstones

The Implicit activity of free speech is it anticipates antithesis, it recognizes there will be opposition.  Couching theological liberties as free speech is either the work of a lazy and feeble mind or at its very core an effort to reassert idealistic dicta.

Dan Cathy of Chic-fil-a Restaurants as most Republican-Conservatives when confronted with the reactionary nature and backwardness of their thought and world view find refuge under the banner of...and God said or the Bible says.  So when Dan Cathy touched off a recent firestorm with his anti-gay comments, he was quick, along with his supporters and defenders to claim free speech because it was his religious belief and liberty.

The Issue and the problem with... and God said or the Bible says, as free speech is we cannot argue with God, we cannot debate God, even the Devil isn't truly antithetical to God.  So... And God said or the Bible says for purposes of free speech definitions is as idealistic as the notion of "being outside of history" which is what Dan Cathy and his ilk would always demand of the Human Condition and it's dialectical-materialist reality.

The United States Constitution articulates religious freedoms as specifically being without the dicta of the state and its bias.  Free speech is subsequently defined antithetically to religion because free speech is the activity of thought, mental labor.  Religion isn't an idea to its believers, it's rather a suspension, suppression, and repression of ideas, it frowns on the activity of free speech.

So for the very elements, free speech warns us against to conceal their reactionary practice under its mantle hints at two occurrences, either we have become militantly decadent or we have lost the Jacobin edge of polemics.

Dan Cathy, his reaction, and backwardness can and will invoke God as a medium of their idealistic intolerance and history will erect tombstones to their failure.

By William Thorpe Imprisoned at Red Onion State Prison

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