Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee: Religion is the New Racism, Intellectual-Liberalism, Charity and it's Political-Economy Contradictions

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Religion is the New Racism, Intellectual-Liberalism, Charity and it's Political-Economy Contradictions

Religion is the new Racism.  Specifically, it is that old friend tyranny guised up under the Johnny-Come-Lately of the monkey see monkey do banner of that lover of the Human Condition, ignorance.

Racism being intolerance and beyond the pale is understood by the most backwardly naive to the sophisticated cynic.  But religious intolerance in all it's diverse forms thrives from planes slamming into the Twin Towers and Pentagon to the shrilling babel of voices across the land that places of unfamiliar worship and fellowship are sinister and evil.

Intellectual activity during ages past was of reason and enlightenment, laboring for tolerance and selfless apathy.  Intellectual activity in the age of religion is the new Racism labors for intolerance and it's defense.  It is Intellectual-Liberalism resurrecting the most crass, idealistic and misanthropic attitudes.  Religion is the new Racism is selfishness wrapped in the mantle of charity and it's Political-Economy contradictions.

From every religious fundamentalism to it's reaction and intolerance, religion is the new Racism has pathetically shown itself to be the bastion of Farmers Almanac aphorisms, pop psychology, and snake oil charlatans.  Each hypocritically requiring it's purported antithesis for survival and existence.

By William Thorpe Imprisoned at ROSP since 1998


shaheed Omar said...

My brother I know you must be talking about Christianity because there is no Racism in Al-Islam. As a matter of fact there is no color Consciouness when it comes to the Revelation of Islam as it is revealed in the Qur'an.

Shaheed Omar

Apropos said...

Bro, you misunderstood me in the Religion is the new racism post 2/21/17. There might not be any color biases in Al-Islam, even Christianity for that matter. That, however, hasn't meant that in the practice of religion as a political mechanism, which religion especially is [politics in the name of a creator] the institutional rewards of racism, bigotry, and bias hasn't been explited.