Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee: Red Onion State Prison Food Violations

Monday, February 27, 2017

Red Onion State Prison Food Violations

We have received numerous complaints from Prisoners at Red Onion State Prison [ROSP] Solitary Confinement concerning the activities of P. Scarberry, the Food Service Manager at ROSP.

Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee [vapac] is concerned that P. Scarberry is violating clearly established Virginia Department of Corrections [VADOC] Food Service Manual provisions and what the standardized Master Menu requires is prepared and with mandated portion size served at ROSP.

Numerous Prisoners detained at ROSP Solitary Confinement have informed us that you are well aware of P. Scarberry's violative activities because they have written you, bringing it to your attention that P. Scarberry is not following VADOC Food Service procedure.

P. Scarberry has attempted to explain her actions in response to Prisoner complaints and grievances that she has the discretion to make menu substitutions.  Vapac disagrees that P. Scarberry is simply making Procedurally correct substitutions.  On the contrary, what P. Scarberry has been doing is "altering and changing" the menu at the institutional level and she doesn't have the authority to do so.

Vapac states that Virginia Citizens are well served when prison officials and prisoners both comply and abide by the necessary prison procedures and rules.  Vapac anticipates you agree with us and you will ensure P. Scarber
ry operates ROSP Food Service within the appropriate guidelines.

Virginia Prisons Accountability Committee

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